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European deposit insurance scheme

A proposed scheme to protect retail deposits in the banking union.


In November 2015 the Commission proposed to set up a European deposit insurance scheme (EDIS) for bank deposits in the euro area. EDIS is the third pillar of the banking union. This proposal was adopted as a part of a broader package of measures to deepen the economic and monetary union, and complete the banking union.

The EDIS proposal builds on the system of national deposit guarantee schemes (DGS) regulated by Directive 2014/49/EU. This system already ensures that all deposits up to €100 000 are protected through national DGS all over the EU.

EDIS would provide a stronger and more uniform degree of insurance cover in the euro area. This would reduce the vulnerability of national DGS to large local shocks, ensuring that the level of depositor confidence in a bank would not depend on the bank’s location and weakening the link between banks and their national sovereigns.

EDIS would apply to deposits below €100 000 of all banks in the banking union. When one of these banks is placed into insolvency or in resolution and it is necessary to pay out deposits or to finance their transfer to another bank, the national DGS and EDIS will intervene.

The scheme will develop in different stages and the contributions of EDIS will progressively increase over time. At the final stage of the EDIS set up, the protection of bank deposits will be fully financed by EDIS, supported by a close cooperation with national DGS.