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Increasing consumer involvement in financial service policy-making

Information on the Financial Services User Group (FSUG) and other initiatives to better involve users of financial services in policy making.

Involving consumers in policy-making

To better involve users of financial services in the policy-making process, the European Commission has

  • set up a user group for financial services users
  • supported civil society organisations

Financial Services User Group (FSUG)

The Financial Services User Group (FSUG) is a group representing the interests of consumers, retail investors and small businesses. FSUG provides the commission with input to inform its policy-making in the area of finance.

Support for consumer organisations

Since 2012, the EU has supported 2 non-profit organisations, Finance Watch and Better Finance, to help develop expertise relevant to consumers and other stakeholders outside of the financial industry. For the 2017-2020 period, the EU has adopted the following programme

The Commission has given a positive evaluation of the results of this programme. The assessment has been supported by an external study