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Workshop on new investor protection rules in MiFID II

Workshop on new investor protection rules in MiFID II

Notice to users

The workshop on 'New Investor Protection Rules in MiFID II' will no longer take place on 26 September.

Objective of the event

The Commission's services (DG FISMA) are organising a workshop to provide a unique opportunity to discuss the new MiFID II investor protection rules with the European parliament's MiFID rapporteur, MEP Markus Ferber.

The workshop will also feature a panel of experts.

Separate panels will focus on the key changes brought about by MiFID II, such as the inducement rules, product governance and target markets, the suitability and appropriateness tests and pre-contractual information requirements on (retail) financial instruments.

MEP Markus Ferber has kindly accepted DG FISMA's invitation to open the workshop by providing participants with first hand insight into the legislative process that led to the reformed MiFID II rulebook.

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Practical information

Who should attend
The workshop is primarily addressed to consumer representatives, investment firms and their advisors, and asset managers.