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Draft report & call for feedback on EU taxonomy-aligning benchmarks


The Platform on Sustainable Finance published for feedback a draft report including proposals for EU taxonomy-aligning benchmarks (TABs).

The report puts forward two proposals for voluntary benchmarks (TABex & TAB), with an aim to initiate a discourse on the pivotal role the taxonomy could assume in shaping climate and environmental benchmarks. The suggested benchmarks do not discard alternative approaches to leveraging the taxonomy in the development of benchmarks.

The call for feedback will be open for three months, until 13 March 2024 (17:00 CET).

This feedback process is neither an official Commission consultation nor an official Commission position. Nothing in this feedback process commits the Commission nor does it preclude any potential policy outcomes.

Respond to the call for feedback


13 DECEMBER 2023
Draft report on EU taxonomy-aligning benchmarks (TABs)