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FinTech action plan: For a more competitive and innovative European financial sector


The FinTech actions plan will foster a more competitive and innovative European financial sector.

It sets out 19 steps that the Commission intends to take to

  • enable innovative business models to scale up at EU level
  • support the uptake of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud services in the financial sector
  • increase cybersecurity and the integrity of the financial system

These initiatives mainly aim to enhance supervisory convergence toward technological innovation and prepare the EU financial sector to better embrace the opportunities brought by new technologies. This should enable innovative digital finance solutions to be rapidly rolled out across the EU and benefit from the scale economies of the single market, while preserving financial stability and ensuring consumer protection.

The action plan is part of the European Commission's efforts to build a capital markets union and a true single market for consumer financial services. It is also part of its drive for a digital single market.

Europe's financial markets will be more integrated, safer and easier to access. The action plan will help the financial industry make use of the rapid advances in technology such as blockchain and other IT applications and strengthen cyber resilience. This will benefit consumers, investors, banks and new market players.


28 FEBRUARY 2018
Factsheet: Commission action plan on financial technology (FinTech)