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EU taxonomy stakeholder request mechanism

The mechanism is intended to address suggestions from stakeholders regarding activities in the EU taxonomy.


In order to address suggestions from stakeholders regarding activities in the EU taxonomy, the Platform on Sustainable Finance together with the European Commission set up the stakeholder request mechanism.

The questionnaire below allows stakeholders to submit suggestions based on scientific and/or technical evidence on new economic activities that could be added to the EU taxonomy or on potential revisions of technical screening criteria of existing activities.

The stakeholder request mechanism runs continuously, allowing respondents to submit their input at any given time. The requests will be assessed by the Platform’s Technical Working Group at specific “cut-off” dates, i.e. all requests received before that date will be processed by the Platform, together with the Commission.

First cut-off date

The first cut-off date was 15 December 2023. A total of 646 requests (of which 18 were duplications) were received . Of these, 169 focused on suggestions for new activities to be included in the taxonomy and 504 were regarding existing activities. The Commission and the Platform regularly monitor the tool and the next cut-off date of the stakeholder request mechanism can be expected at the end of 2024 at the earliest.

total requests (of which 18 duplications)
requests on new activities
requests on existing activities

Please note that the sum of the requests on new activities and requests on existing activities is higher than the total requests received as stakeholders were able to submit both types of requests with one submission.


The Platform will analyse relevant requests in the context of their recommendations on potential revisions of the EU taxonomy and/or additional economic activities, as part of the work of the Platform’s Technical Working Group.

Due to resource constraints the Platform – together with the Commission – can choose to prioritise a certain number of activities that it will work on. Therefore, in developing the recommendations, the Platform may decide not to prioritise certain activities, even though the requests submitted were substantiated with the necessary evidence and the suggested changes/new activities complied with the requirements of the Taxonomy Regulation. The Platform may decide on an appropriate sequence of how non-prioritised requests could be handled over time, considering their impact, urgency and other factors, as well as the working capacity of the Platform overall. In 2024, the Platform's Technical Working Group will provide a summary of the requests received, how they were assessed and what recommendations the Platform made on the basis of the requests.

The Commission will assess the Platform’s recommendations and decide on the need to amend the EU taxonomy in future delegated acts. The Commission is not bound by the feedback submitted through the stakeholder request mechanism nor by the recommendations of the Platform.

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