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Data sharing between authorities in EU financial services

Background information

The workshop aims to bring together EU and national authorities to discuss existing barriers to data sharing and exchange views on how to facilitate the sharing and efficient reuse of data reported to authorities overseeing the EU financial system.

Facilitating the sharing and reuse of data is one of the key building blocks of the Commission’s strategy on supervisory data in EU financial services. As announced in the strategy, the Commission stands ready to address any undue legal obstacles in EU legislation to lay the foundations for a supervisory data space where all relevant authorities can access, share and reuse reported data while protecting its confidentiality and security.

The workshop will include a presentation of the results of the targeted consultation conducted by Commission Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA) among authorities between June and September 2022, short presentations of effective data-sharing arrangements at EU and national level and a panel discussion, followed by Q&A with the audience.


Please register to the workshop before Thursday 9 February.

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16 FEBRUARY 2023
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