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Legislative proposal on instant payments

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26 oktobris 2022
Finanšu stabilitātes, finanšu pakalpojumu un kapitāla tirgu savienības ģenerāldirektorāts


The Commission adopted today a legislative proposal to make instant payments in euro, available to all citizens and businesses holding a bank account in the EU and in EEA countries. The proposal aims to ensure that instant payments in euro are affordable, secure, and processed without hindrance across the EU.

Instant payments allow people to transfer money at any time of any day within ten seconds. This is much faster compared to traditional credit transfers, which are received by payment service providers only during business hours and arrive at the payee’s account only by the following business day, which could take up to three calendar days.

This proposal aims to remove the barriers that prevent instant payments and their benefits to become more widespread.

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26 OKTOBRIS 2022
Factsheet: Instant payments - Send and receive euro payments in real time
(497.13 KB - PDF)