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Expert groups, comitology and other committees

List of expert groups, comitology committees and other consultative bodies assisting the Commission on financial services regulation.


The European Commission needs specialist advice from outside experts as a basis for policymaking. This is the role of Commission expert groups. These are consultative bodies set up by the Commission to provide advice in relation to the preparation of legislative acts and policy initiatives. They are usually composed of experts appointed by EU governments.

In the area of financial services regulation, the Commission has set up a number of expert groups which – in accordance with Declaration 39 on Article 290 of the Lisbon Treaty - provide advice and expertise in the preparation of delegated acts.

Comitology committees such as the European Banking Committee or the European Insurance and Pension Committee no longer play a role in relation to delegated acts, but they continue to be active in the area of implementing acts.

Expert groups working on financial regulation

Comitology committees working on financial regulation

Other consultative bodies