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Monitoring of banking and finance directives

Information on the European Commission's monitoring of the transposition of EU directives in EU countries.

Adopting EU directives into national law

The EU's financial reform includes a significant number of directives. EU countries have to transpose them into national law and communicate the measures adopted to the European Commission. The Commission verifies if transpositions are correct and complete, and takes action if necessary to ensure proper transposition. You can find more general information on the Commission’s monitoring and enforcement .

The Commission supports EU countries in the transposition process and monitors the adoption of the national measures required. An overview of the status of the transposition of directives in the financial sector is provided below.

Transposition status

Full transposition status (100%) is granted when all EU countries have notified transposition measures that they consider to be complete. The Commission may open infringement proceedings in case of late communication of those measures and in case of incomplete or incorrect transposition.

Partial transposition status

For the following directives not all Member States did notify transposition measures, or infringement proceedings are still open against some of them.

The full transposition status bars in the specific pages show the progress of transposition measures as reported by EU countries. These pages are regularly updated when EU countries communicate transposition measures to the Commission. They show to what extent EU Member States have adopted the necessary measures by the regulatory deadline.

Full transposition status

The following directives have a full transposition status by all Member States, with no open infringement proceedings